Annabelle Fern Praznik

Annabelle Fern Praznik is a gentle mama with a fiery spirit and a passion for creative writing. She is the author of The Unfolding, a collection of flash non-fiction stories, and is currently busy editing two forthcoming books, Where Nothing Grows and Veritable Yellow. Annabelle lives with her family in the Rocky Mountain foothills of Colorado. As an artist, she feels it is her duty to lead a life of adventure. She loves traveling the world, staying up late, falling into conversations with strangers and getting lost in the wild. Keep up with Annabelle at


Founder + Curator, Bri Tejeda.

Bri Tejeda is a wife, mother of daughters, and founder of Because Of The Moon. She has a passion for storytelling, as well as a well-curated natural lifestyle. 

Because Of The Moon is a reflection of our humanity, specifically in womanhood. It is led by the innate need for a life filled with self care, community, and communication.  

Check AND THE STARS often for updates and opportunities, as well as beautiful pieces written by a community of women who share the same sentiments. 

Celina Meza

Celina is a lifestyle portrait photographer based in Seattle. She is constantly inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest and by the wildly authentic lives that surround her. Photography is her way into the world that inspires her--to connect with creatives, to appreciate the beautiful intricacies and idiosyncrasies of individuals, to weave the story of light, landscape, and love to capture an always fleeting moment.

Beyond the lens, you can find Celina rock climbing with her husband, practicing yoga or teaching it to incarcerated teens (through Yoga Behind Bars), drinking a damn good cup of coffee, writing, or reading a Kurt Vonnegut novel, all while blasting rock and roll. Celina often finds herself asking questions of the “what does it all mean?” variety, followed by a good think and a good laugh. All in all, she is working on building a meaningful life that is unconditionally loving and unabashedly true. 

You can follow Celina’s photography and life happenings on instagramfacebook, and her website.

Rachel Weaver

Rachel Weaver still lives in the same small town as her parents and grandmother. Most nights she fills her dinner table with her husband, four children, and any number of extended relatives. She does the cooking and tries as hard as she can to pawn off the cleaning.

She thinks that kindness and dirt are the signs of a good childhood. 

She loves brackish water. 

Most of her nights end with a gin and tonic.

Rachel never went to high school until the day she became a teacher. After eight years though, she called it quits to home school her own children, just like her mama before her. Now she slings crabs a few nights a week during the season, tries to read as often as she can, and does her best to get outside everyday. 


Some women need to put on lipstick before leaving the house; Rachel needs to put on earrings. She doesn't know why, but it just makes her feel more beautiful. 


Nina Hoderewski

Nina Hoderewski is a mother of one. 

She grew up in eastern Pennsylvania and also spent a lot of time traveling on the road as a child. Her favorite destination is the western United States and she loves being outdoors and going on adventures. 

After finding out she would be a single mother she began a blog to write about her day to day life, feature others who inspired her, and write about places that had a special meaning in her life. 

In 2014 she co founded Onoko with her best friend as a passion project, a way to harness their creative aspirations and also give back through donating to different charities with each installment. 

You can find Nina on Instagram @foxrun

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Haley Blue

Haley Blue is the epitome of modern motherhood, always challenging the norms in her home of Salt Lake City, Utah. When pregnant she found the flame that had once burnt out, rekindling her passion for writing. She shares her uncensored, raw, real life experiences on her lifestyle blog called The Blues Journal. While on her journey figuring out motherhood and deepening her own self discovery she keeps three things a constant; balance, simplicity, and growth.

After giving birth to her daughter, Charlie Rose, she put her energy into living a more healthy and wholesome lifestyle in aims to be a better mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend...a happier person entirely. The endless job of motherhood, along with the serious hunger that comes along with breastfeeding inspire her to keep it simple in the kitchen, creating fast, easy, and nutritional meals. She believes that ones wellness should be two things overall, simple and natural. Although, with being a serious foodie at heart and striving to keep balance, coffee and sweets hold a very special place in their home.

Although she’s a stay at home mom, Haleys days are of endless variety, dancing along with whatever tune seems suitable in that particular moment. She is truly never at a standstill, always seeking out new hobbies and taking on new endeavours, trying to stay active day in and day out. Whether it be experimenting with essential oils, pole fitness, browsing for antiques, trying out local restaurants and coffee shops, discovering new music, or adventuring in Utahs great outdoors, she is always yearning for new adventures to enjoy with her family.

Thanks to her free spirited parents she has a deep embedded appreciation for bona fide individuals and anyone who shows authenticity. These are the individuals that drive her to stay true to who she is, regardless of parenthood or anything else life throws her way. Her goal is to raise her daughter to stay true to herself, follow her own heart and soul, and be damn proud to be Charlie. At the end of it all, her ultimate happiness comes from having a warm home filled with a ridiculous amount of lovin’ and laughter.

Follow her journey on The Blues Journal:

Stalk her on Instagram: misshayblue