William the Beekeeper, San Fransisco (Peaches Brosas)

William the Beekeeper

Before I started my fashion blog, I had a vision of how I wanted this experience to pan out. Over half a year later, and it has been overwhelmingly better than I could have ever imagined. The biggest blessing in all of this is being able to build connections and partnerships with my community and the amazing boutique and clothing store owners of San Francisco.

My latest partnership is with a local boutique called William the Beekeeper, owned by a very inspiring young woman named Cairn Wu. The story behind how our partnership came about is pretty neat: I was having brunch with a few friends around my neighborhood when this boutique caught my eye. I was plesantly surprised because I had never seen or even heard of this store before. I quickly ran to the door hoping to take a peek, but unfortunately it was closed that day. I was drawn in by the store's overall aesthetic and the unique items on display, as well as the name. The icing on the cake for me was when I saw a sign stating they sell sustainable clothing and eco friendly items. I knew instantly I wanted to reach out to the store owner to talk about possibly working together in anyway possible. I absolutly love this boutique's vision and their ultimate goal in opening up their store. What's more amazing, is not only do they sell clothes, they are also a lifestyle boutqiue as well; selling items from candles to organic soaps to misscelaneous household items as well as organic honey (hence the name, “William the Beekeeper.”) They also partner with local San Francisco designers as well as brands whose vision aligns with their “live consciously, shop locally” idea.

This boutqiue is a “fully conscious and responsible company, composed of an eponymous, sustainable clothing line that uses responsible sourcing and production line practices and facilitates community beneficial events and initiatives.” I had the pleasure of getting to know the owner, Cairn, who is truly a beauty both in and out. It was an honor learning more about her and her story and the vision behind her store. I always love meeting strong willed women who go after their dreams and make their passions a reality. I was over the moon inspired by her story and I am so excited to see where this partnership takes us. Most importantly, a large percentage of their profit goes back to the community and local charities that provide a social or environmental impact. Such an amazing boutqiue whose foundation is built upon community. This is one of the many reasons this partnership is so special to me. It's always a rewarding feeling to be a part of something bigger than yourself. We should all do our part in shopping smart, living consciously, shopping locally, and really understanding where and what the clothes we purchase are made of.

If you are in the San Francisco area, check out this boutique on 55 Clement St. You can also learn more about the company at www.kaileeni.com. Please stay tuned for our collab where I will be showcasing some of the sustainable clothing she offers and other goodies you can find in her store!

William the Beekeeper is also hosting an event this Sunday, September 13th, entitled “ The True Cost Documentary Screening +Panel Discussion.” The description of the event can be found below (taken from the boutqiue's facebook page.) I will be attending this event, so if you are in the area...please join!

We at William the BeeKeeper and Road Twenty-Two will be hosting a community educational event screening of "The True Cost," a documentary that investigates the high price of low-cost consuming fashion. The event is free and we welcome anyone who is interested in becoming a more mindful consumer. After the movie, we have a host of leaders from different responsible brands to share in a panel discussion on practical ways we can change and implement more conscious consumption, with Q&A to follow. We hope to open a dialogue that encourages more thoughtful consumption in this global economy, reducing negative impact on the environment and humanity.”

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