Logro Farms; Grow your own mushrooms for fun family learning and nourishment. (Megan Pezzelle)

Logro Farms has a wonderful thing going. A small farm in Austin, TX sandwiched between a farm to table pizza place and a farmhouse brewery with longtime childhood friends at it’s core. They are centered around sustainability and community with a central goal of educating all of us on how we too can do what they do, and from home no less!

They offer us all a range of grow at home kits including oyster mushrooms, wheatgrass and micro greens. I took a chance and jumped right in with their Oyster Mushroom Kit. I was skeptical of their claim that I could easily grow 1.5 pounds of oyster mushrooms on my kitchen counter with ease. Its hot here in AZ, and by hot I mean dry. By dry I mean less than 10% humidity most of the year. The basis of the instructions were to simply mist the open panel of the box and wait for the magic to happen. Since any moisture that I misted would dry up within 10 minutes I thought there really was no hope for these little mushrooms. Despite my reservations I kept up with their three times daily spritzing recommendation and - would you believe it? The magic happened! Within a week we had tiny signs of change in the soil and by week two we had full blown oyster mushrooms on our kitchen counter. 

As soon as they were ready to eat we did just that. These magical mushrooms ended up inside cheesy stuffed shells along side homemade ricotta and greens we picked from the farm down the road. They fed ten people! I was so excited since gardening in Arizona has somewhat short lived seasons and its tricky when you have less than full time to devote to the endeavor. After all, its hardly gardening when all you have to do is open a box and mist with water. This project was easy and everyone in the house chipped in to make sure they were nicely misted throughout the day.

I can not say enough good things about kids watching food grow. My three have never really been mushroom enthusiasts, but this kit made them think twice. Knowing their vitamin D intake at least doubled, maybe tripled this week, made me a happy mom.

Im so glad I got to see what Logro Farms is all about firsthand. They truly believe that environmental awareness and sustainable living need to be taught in our classrooms. They stand behind this belief by providing growing kits to schools. With companies like this reaching out to our schools, our kids will have a broader and healthier view of our planet and our food. The benefits will impact them for years to come and we will all have a better, brighter future.

You can Learn more about Logro Farms, Here. We absolutely are passionate about what these men have created in educational and sustainable opportunities, and look forward to continuing to support them as well as try out their other kits