Larkspur LA; Lingerie in Real LIfe. (Haley Blue)

I remember walking past Victoria’s Secret, rhinestone embellished push up bras and lace teddies, adorned by women with what society may deem as “perfect” bodies. As an extremely flat chested teenager I never felt worthy of buying or wearing lingerie for anyone. What I found through some growing up and self discovery was that lingerie shouldn’t be bought for someone else, but rather something for yourself. 

My first piece of lingerie was a black halter teddy and I bought it simply because I wanted to. I pulled on the delicate black lace and felt more confident, sexy, and surprisingly more comfortable in my own skin than ever before. I sat on my bed, read a book, and sipped on tea, alone, in that emerald green room in my parents house, in my black lace lingerie. Although it was cheap and had those dreaded lace strings hanging out every which way after the second wear, this teddy was a stepping stone to that little lightbulb in my head finally turning on; the realization that I didn’t need to be Alessandra Ambrosio, or have anyone else's body for that matter, to feel like this incredibly beautiful and sexy woman. I hope every woman makes that same discovery sooner than later in her lifetime...and maybe, like myself, all it will take is some damn fine underwear.


Larkspur, created by Amanda Bear and Felicia Gaxiola, was inspired by a love for “vintage clothing, bohemian neighborhoods, and the occasional rock show”. Their vision to create lingerie that was feminine, cozy, and sexy is exactly what I feel the lingerie industry desperately needed. A company geared towards women, not men. A company that acknowledges the reality of women’s bodies and their differences, with a mission to make each and every women feel like a fantasy. What’s even better is the quality and dedication put into each and every eco-conscious piece. Larkspur uses only environmentally friendly, locally sourced fabrics, such as high quality organic cotton and repurposed silks, all hand sewn in Los Angeles, CA.


“We are exhausted of society pressuring us to be a different person or a different shape than we are, especially while wearing our underwear.”


First opinion upon receiving the Githa Organic Cotton Bodysuit, fucking beautiful. I could see the quality of the lace and the quality of the entire garment for that matter. I didn’t waste a second trying it on. I slipped the last strap up and I swear my lingerie obsession skyrocketed. The way it hugged my curves without feeling constricted or confined was pure magic. It was slightly revealing, yet still held onto that sense of mystery. I’m not exaggerating when I say I wear this all the time. Yes - even in the middle of the day - because you know sometimes a mama needs to feel a little chic to balance out the bags under her eyes and remnants of her child's breakfast in her hair.

I have never tried something on that was was so feminine, liberating, and sensual, yet didn’t have me constantly adjusting the straps, or itching at the tags and seams. Larkspur does so much more than make underwear, they are ahead of their time, taking the purpose and idea of lingerie and self love to a new level. Honoring the beauty in each and every curve, finding your fantasies, and making choices that are healthy for both the environment and our bodies.  Thank you Larkspur, for helping me, along with other women, feel unstoppable.


You can learn more about Haley Here, and Larkspur, Here.

We, at Indi Moonrose, Feel strongly about being aware in what we represent.  Larkspur is not only an embodiment of femininity and its own important catalyst toward self-care through its product line, but also intelligently progressive in its ethical values. 

Being mindful is sexy.